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My first career experience was writing radio ad copy, adveristing and marketing material.

My work at Microsoft and other tech companies, challenged me to learn how to write for technical and corporate environments. 

In Radio I learned to keep copy tight and tell stories that sell. In Tech I learned enterprise business thinking and the value of accuracy.

I write Sci-Fi as a hobby to keep creative while learning self-publishing on Amazon.

Technical Blog Series

I wrote this series of short technical blogs to support an upcoming SolarWinds product release.

Routing Tools Overview

This first article was published to provide an overview of the new routing tools built for our network monitoring platform.


Troubleshooting Routing

The second article was published to showcase how to use the new tools to do real world networking troubleshooting.


Routing Basics

This last article in the series was added for users brand new to networking to help provide a context for the previous articles.